Singapore Housing Type

In Singapore, there are 3 kinds of housing types available in the market. They are Public Housing aka HDB unit, Semi-public Housing aka Executive Condominium, and Private Housing also known as Landed Property or Non-Landed (Condominium).

Singapore Housing Types

Public Housing (HDB flat)

HDB flats are developed by the Housing and Development Board (HDB). They provide housing for more than 70% of Singaporeans. As the most affordable housing option for the citizens, there are various subsidies and financial support for Singaporeans to purchase HDB units. To be eligible to purchase an HDB unit, there are several requirements to fulfill. Citizenship and income are some of the requirements to meet before you can buy an HDB unit. The tenure for all HDB flats is 99 years leasehold

Semi-Public Housing

An executive condominium is considered a hybrid between public and private housing. They are built by private developers but control by HDB in terms of buying eligibility. There are certain eligibility requirements to meet before you are allowed to purchase an EC unit directly from the developers. Normally, the pricing is around 20% to 25% lower than private condominiums around the same vicinity. EC comes with full condo facilities just like a private condominium. After the 5 years MOP, you will be allowed to sell the unit to Singaporeans or Permanent Resident and after 10 years from TOP, the EC will gain private condominium status. This means that you can sell it to foreigners. The tenure for all executive condo is the same as HDB, 99 years leasehold. Parc Central Residences is one of the EC in Tampines.

Private Housing

A condominium is a kind of housing type that is within a compound that comes with facilities like swimming pools, tennis courts, BBQ pit, and gym with 24 hours security. Singaporeans, Permanent residents, and foreigners are allowed to purchase a condominium. However, there are additional taxes for PR and foreigners when they buy a condominium in Singapore. The tenure for a condominium in Singapore can be 99 years leasehold, 999 years leasehold, and Freehold.

Only Singaporean can own a landed property in Singapore. However, Permanent Resident can apply for a permit from LDAU to buy a landed property in Singapore. The landed property includes Terrace, Semi-detached, Detached/Bungalow, and Good Class Bungalow. The tenure for landed property in Singapore can be 99 years leasehold, 999 years leasehold, and Freehold.