Dear HDB's Owner

If you had bought your current HDB unit during or before the Year 2016,


You have met your 5 years Minimum Occupation Period (MOP). You have achieved the prerequisite to upgrade to private property and start your journey towards financial freedom by creating wealth through Property Asset Progression.

Do you want to create a better lifestyle for your family?

Are you having Questions?

HDB Owners Common Questions

We have assisted many HDB owners with similar worries, to upgrade to a private property using our Detailed Asset Progression Strategies and Step-by-Step Planning specially tailored to your circumstances. They are now proud owners of private properties who upgraded with minimum or no stress and are clear about their Asset Progression road map for the next 5 to 10 years.

Let's meet up for a Free Non-Obligatory Sharing Session TODAY

This is what you GET during our sharing session

Your personal Asset Progression Plan tailor only for you, allowing you to accumulate wealth earlier

Detailed Financial Calculation including additional costs like Legal Fees, Cash Outlay and Stamp Duty etc

In-depth analysis to filter all options in the property market and determine the right property for you

5-10 years Property Investment Road Map to help you grow your property portfolio

Detailed analysis to allow you to understand your financial position

Methods to use your CPF effectively to achieve better returns

This is what you can GAIN from our sharing session

Grow your asset portfolio through stable property investment plans

Generate passive income with minimal to zero extra financial commitment

Maintain a healthy amount of cash reserve funds for rainy days

Elevate you and your loved ones to financial freedom

Retire early with a secure financial safety net

Case Study 1

Thamil & Lilitha manage to upgrade from 4-room HDB to 5-room HDB without touching the CASH from their savings and still receive additional 6-figure cash proceeds after following our custom make detailed planning for them. Listen to what they have to say about us. 

This is just the very first step for Thamil & Lilitha to better geared themselves to build their own property portfolio. According to our 5 to 10 years road map, they will be in a better financial position to pursue their 2nd property for passive income and aim to retire early

Case Study 2

Rizal & Viney were not able to sell their 4-room HDB unit for around 1.5 years with 3 different agents. Their turning points came when they met Nick, who manage to sell the house, bought another Fully-Paid HDB, and cash out a 6-figure amount for raining day.

This is just one of the many cases where Nick and Betty had help. Just like Thamil & Lilitha, Rizal & Viney are also in a better position to pursue their 2nd property after our sharing session.

Do you want to be like Thamil & Lilitha and Rizal & Viney?

Let Nick and Betty’s custom make your own Asset Progression Plan for you to own multiple properties.

Let us tailor your own Asset Progression Plan for you

Still Hesitating?

Let us take a look at Thamil & Lilitha’s case. If they had decided to not do anything with their previous 4-room HDB, what is the likely scenario for them?

  1. They will not be able to cash out 6-figure cash proceeds from their previous 4-room HDB
  2. They will have to continue staying at smaller units
  3. The accrued interest on the usage of their CPF for the previous 4-room HDB will eat into their cash proceed.
  4. Lost the opportunity to own 2nd property for passive income

How does CPF Accrued Interest affect me?

Case Study 3

Joe and Eva had fully paid for their 4-room HDB flat in Punggol.

A total of $200,000 CPF money was used to fund the payment of their flat.

They are very happy that they are debt-free.

20 years later, they decided to upgrade by using the sale proceeds from their current fully-paid 4-room HDB.

To their horror, after simple financial calculation, they realise that most of the sale proceeds have to return to their CPF due to the accrued interest.

They will leave with lesser cash proceed than they thought they will get.

Sell after 5 years (MOP)

HDB ell 5 years MOP

Sell after 20 years

CPF Board pays you 2.5% interest annually on the funds you keep in your CPD Ordinary Account (OA). However, when you start using the funds in your CPF OA for property, you are liable to pay 2.5% accrued interest annually on the CPF OA funds used for the property until you return the full sum back to the OA.

Below are examples of how much money is lost to the interest for Joe and Eva with $200,000 CPF OA funds lock in their 4-room HDB flat.